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The New Years Resolution Changing Lives All Year

Inside of deciding on a typical New Years Resolution for 2016, Audrey decided that she wanted to something a little different and a little more meaningful this year.

Instead of giving to various organizations on a whim throughout the year, she would sit down and list the local or regional nonprofits that she supports and pledge to donate $100 to each organization, one month at a time.

“I chose 11 nonprofits near and dear to me, and decided that throughout the year I would donate $100 to whichever nonprofit was assigned to that month,” Audrey said of her resolution. “I tried to choose nonprofits that have impacted me personally, and made unrestricted donations so they could use my donation where it was needed most.”

Audrey put a lot of thought into her donation calendar, scheduling donations to line up with fundraising events. She even left one month vacant in case an organization with an urgent need came up. Most importantly, Audrey decided to make these donations monthly so that they would be a planned part of her budget.

“Giving back is one of my core values. This year, I incorporated philanthropy into my budget to reflect that. I can’t choose to not pay my phone bill. Now I don’t have a reason to not donate.”

When asked if she would do this again next year, she said that she is currently considering setting up smaller recurring donations to a smaller group of nonprofits.

Giving back to the community doesn’t have to be a one-time thing: by incorporating philanthropy into your monthly or annual budget, you can make a huge impact on your community. Just take it from Audrey.