Adopt a Shelf

An Easy Way to Help

Want a fun way to donate to EFAA? Adopt a shelf in our food bank and help EFAA participants get some of the most needed items.

As an individual, organization like Girl Scouts or Rotary, a school or class, faith-based community, or group of friends you can purchase needed items, bring them to EFAA and stock the shelf yourself, or have us do the stocking. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to donate funds monthly and we will stock your shelf.

Our Biggest Needs

Our biggest needs can be found on the Donate Food page. We especially appreciate receiving food deliveries. This helps us get food on the shelves right away and saves us staff time. We ask that shelf sponsors sign on for a three-month or longer commitment.

Get Started

Peruse the monthly estimate of food options below, then fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Someone in our food bank will contact you soon.

Contact Walter at 303-951-7667 or to learn more.

Shelf Options

Canned Fruit = 60 cans, or $90 per shelf
Shelf #1: Thursday Morning Walkers
Shelf #2: Stephanie C. and Lynn A.
Shelf #3: Pilates Pantry Pals
Shelf #4: Boulder Elks

Oatmeal/Hot & Cold Cereal = 20, 10-packs or $40
Shelf #1: T&R Lafayette
Shelf #2: Kathy S.
Shelf #3: St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Boulder
Shelf #4:

Mexican Food (chilies, tortillas, etc.) = 50 items, $90
Shelf #1: Sandra Kail
Shelf #2: Caroline and Roger
Shelf #3:
Shelf #4:

Canned Tuna = 50 cans or $90 per shelf
Shelf #1:
Shelf #2:
Shelf #3:
Shelf #4:

Condiments (mayo, jam, dressings, toppings) = 50 items, $100
Shelf #1: Jim B. and Doug V. (jam)
Shelf #2: Mountains Edge Fitness
Shelf #3:
Shelf #4:

Cooking Oil = 50 bottles or $100 per shelf
Shelf #1: Teri & Jen
Shelf #2: The City Slickers
Shelf #3:
Shelf #4:

Pasta Meals, Chili, Refried Beans = 50 cans or $80
Shelf #1: Wednesday Mah Jongg Group
Shelf #2: Kathy & Brad
Shelf #3: JNJM
Shelf #4:

Eggs = 50 dozen or $100
Shelf #1: JGRC
Shelf #2: SPM
Shelf #3: Teri & Jen
Shelf #4: Sarah & Matt H.

Shelf #5: St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Boulder

Toilet Paper (two 24-packs) or Feminine Products (pads/tampons) = 20 pkgs, $50
Shelf #1: Kathy S.
Shelf #2: Dr. Alex
Shelf #3: Sydney
Shelf #4:

Toothpaste, toothbrushes = 20 tubes or brushes, $40
Shelf #1: Boulder Dental Center
Shelf #2:
Shelf #3:
Shelf #4:

Laundry Detergent (Powdered) = Large boxes, $50
Shelf #1: Sloan and Jono
Shelf #2:
Shelf #3:
Shelf #4:

Thank you so much! Please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch with you soon.

Adopt a Shelf