Meet EFAA’s On-Site Mental Health Counselor, Nora!

in Mental Health

Through a partnership with Mental Health Partners, EFAA has a full-time bilingual therapist on-site to help participants navigate their mental health with up to 10 free sessions. We sat down with Nora to learn more about mental health and the support she provides to participants.

Q: As EFAA’s on-site counselor, what is your role?

A: My role is to support participants through personally challenging times. People come to EFAA for many different reasons, and sometimes those reasons are caused by events and feelings that are overwhelming and hard to manage.

Q: What do you typically hear from the people you work with?

A: People don’t know this service [mental health counseling] exists, and when they find out they don’t realize how flexible and focused on their own goals it can be.

Q: What do you see as the barriers to accessing mental health services?

A: There’s always a shortage of mental health services, especially for people who need it but cannot afford to go to a private practice that doesn’t accept insurance. There’s also a stigma about seeing a counselor— it can feel intimidating.

Q: What do you wish more people knew about mental health?

A: I think sometimes people are worried they will be judged for needing and asking for help. It takes a lot of strength and trust to share your story. You should feel safe and comfortable to talk about what you want to talk about and set your own goals. I’m here to focus on what participants want to focus on and to come up with solutions for the future.