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CGD 2015_MasterHave you ever wished for a little comfort during a tough time? That is what many of our neighbors are hoping for this holiday season. You have the power to help. Your donation to EFAA today can help those who are struggling to meet their basic needs for food, housing, and other necessities we often take for granted.

You can help those like former EFAA clients Colton and Mary and their 4-year-old daughter. When they came to EFAA, they were highly motivated to create a safe and stable life for their child. But even with both of them working full-time in fast food and cleaning services, their combined salaries were not enough to cover basic expenses, like rent and gas to get to work. They faced homelessness. Thanks to donors like you, EFAA was able to help this family by enrolling them in our housing program. The young family worked hard, saved diligently and will be celebrating this holiday in their newly-purchased trailer home.

Over the almost one-hundred-year trajectory of EFAA, donations from individuals and local businesses have helped local families in need. In just over a year, the number of homeless families in Boulder has risen dramatically. In fact, half of the homeless in our community are families with children.

These families need your help so please choose EFAA for your new, renewed or continued support. Give to EFAA today because:

EFAA has a strong track record in providing critical safety net services for people in need in our community, reaching more than 8,000 people per year.Our food bank reduces hunger and food insecurity, our direct financial assistance prevents homelessness and helps people access services like medical assistance and transportation, and EFAA apartments provide housing stability for the most at-risk families. Our case management services help clients link with other programs, set goals and improve their ability to manage their household budgets.

With our new Strategic Plan, we are working harder than ever to help folks progress toward self-sufficiency and longer-term positive outcomes, including breaking the cycle of poverty passed between generations. Examples include expanded children’s services to families living in EFAA housing, and new arrangements to promote workforce internships and training for EFAA clients to move in to livable wage jobs.

Your gift to EFAA clients is an investment in their lives and in our community, helping to address some of the most difficult challenges we face, from food security and poverty to family homelessness and the well-being of the next generation.

We take your commitment to EFAA very seriously and will ensure cost effectiveness, transparency and the highest fiduciary standards, as evidenced by our 4-star Charity Navigator rating for six consecutive years.

Thank you for considering EFAA in your year-end giving plans. Click here to learn about the many ways to engage. One easy way to make your gift go farther is to choose EFAA on Colorado Gives Day this December 8th. By naming EFAA as the non-profit you support, your contribution leverages matching monies. Click here to learn more.

To quote Anne Frank, “How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world”.

Help us improve our world.

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