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From Long-Time Donor to Client

grandma two kids“I grew up thinking that if I worked hard and had good health, I’d be okay. So that’s what I focused on. I’ve worked hard all my life. When I was laid off after a merger caused a workforce consolidation, I found it very hard to land another job because of my age. Jobs were going to younger applicants. For a while, I made ends meet with contract work, but that wasn’t enough to keep me going long term. I was just getting by when my daughter was faced with serious health issues that caused her to lose her job. I chose to sell my house so that I could help her keep hers – the place her kids knew as home.

When my savings had been depleted, someone encouraged me to go to EFAA. I had not thought about going to EFAA for help, even though I had been a donor to EFAA when I worked. I hadn’t wanted to go, but I knew I needed help, and the case manager I met with made me feel like things were going to be okay. EFAA helped me with a rental deposit and I was able to begin visiting the food bank, which cut my grocery bills significantly. My daughter has a new job now and I am able to take care of the kids to keep her childcare costs down. We are working together to make it work. In my spare time, I am taking classes to learn new software so I can go back to work.

It’s an interesting turn of events: To go from being a long-time donor to EFAA, to finding myself in a position of needing help myself. But just knowing that EFAA is there gives me a great sense of relief. Without EFAA, my daughter and grandkids and I would have had no safety net. And I am not alone. I meet people all the time whose lives have been saved by EFAA, just like me and my family’s.”