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3rd Grader Makes Big Impact

boy with airplaneNine-year old Zach saved his allowance and worked hard around the house to earn extra money. It wasn’t a game or a toy he was after. He wanted to make a donation to EFAA – one that would have a real impact on families in need. The $25 he saved was matched by his mother’s employer’s matching gift program. What difference did his $50 donation make? It could have bought a family food for one week, or helped someone buy eye glasses, or bought enough diapers to keep a baby dry for 6 weeks. That’s big impact from someone in the third grade.

In between his busy afterschool activities of dance, outdoor adventures and playing with Legos, we caught up with Zach to learn more about his inspiration to help.

What inspired you to donate to EFAA?
I feel like most kids would give it to things that help animals, but I wanted to be unique and help people in need.

You saved up allowance and worked extra around the house. What kinds of things did you do for work?
I scrubbed the dividers in our kitchen drawers and scrubbed the silverware.

You could choose to spend your money on a Lego or you could give it away. What made you choose to give this money to EFAA?
My mom, just three days before that, told me that her work doubles gifts and then I thought that I could use that. I feel like every day I have a chance to buy a Lego or something like that, but I don’t always have a chance to give to EFAA.

What would you say to another child to encourage them to give to donate to something important to them?
If they say they saved up a ton of money and have extra I would say they should give that extra to EFAA because it can go a long way and do a lot more than they think. It’s unique for a kid to donate even $1 of their own money.