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By Ashley Rumble, Assistant Director of Development

appledtrustceosSitting outside Amante on Walnut drinking our 8 ounce black coffees Ned, Trent, and I talked about how much Boulder has changed in the fourteen years they’ve been in business. Ned and Trent are the affable engineers behind AppliedTrust, EFAA’s 2015 Title Sponsor.

As co-founders and co-CEO’s, Ned and Trent have cultivated a robust philanthropic culture at AppliedTrust since the very beginning. Over the years, Ned and Trent have personally served on a number of nonprofit boards and have volunteered their time with local tech groups. They have also supported local nonprofits by sponsoring charitable events. This year, AppliedTrust made a splash on the EFAA scene as the prestigious title sponsor of our 24th Annual Celebration Gala and joins the ranks of a generous business community, including Boulder Brands, DigitalGlobe, Fresh Produce, and WhiteWave.

As the morning warmed and our coffees cooled we talked about the influx of people and businesses in our community over the years and how it is putting a squeeze on the availability of affordable housing for the local, working poor. Ned and Trent have a strong appreciation and understanding for the work EFAA does to keep families in their homes and working toward a brighter future. Their generous sponsorship this year is a testament that together—businesses, people, and nonprofits—can make Boulder County better for everyone.

AppliedTrust, now a ViaWest company, provides computer security, infrastructure, and compliance services to wide diversity of clients including Boulder Community Hospital, Rally Software, and the University of Colorado.