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EFAA Was There For Us


Carolina was working hard and providing for her family as a full-time legal professional. But then her partner – her daughter’s father – left. Because of the high cost of childcare, he had stayed home to care for their young daughter, so his departure left her in a lurch in many ways. With the added costs of childcare, she fell behind financially and was forced to leave her home.

Between friends and family, and trading housework and doing childcare in exchange for rent, she and her daughter were able to piece together temporary living arrangements for a little while, but it meant moving around a lot and having to leave several jobs.

“Throughout all of our challenges and transitions, I tried my best to keep things as consistent as possible for my daughter,” says Carolina. “Luckily, for some of the time she was able to stay in the same school with the same teachers and friends. But it is really hard when you are staying with different people and moving all the time.”

Then, Carolina was connected with EFAA and they moved into short-term housing. She made the most of weekly meetings with her case manager to plan for the future, bus tickets for school and work, groceries from the food pantry, and the Children’s Program for her daughter.

“EFAA was amazing. I was going through such an emotional and difficult time and they were so helpful. So supportive and encouraging. Having EFAA as a resource after hitting so many dead ends gave me the peace of mind and hope for the future that I needed to focus on finding a good job.”

After sending out several resumes each day, she was able to find another job as a legal assistant and begin saving money. She and her daughter have moved out on their own and are doing great.

“We are catching up. We are on our way to stability and a lot of other good things. Luckily, I had the skills I needed to get a good job and create a better situation. I can’t imagine how much more challenging it would be for others who don’t have professional skills and experience.”