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EFAA’s Work Just Makes Sense

“I started volunteering at EFAA because it was convenient to my house, but
I’ve stuck with it — even after they moved across town — because I really
believe in what EFAA is doing,” says donor and volunteer Soo Rhee. “There are
so many impressive things EFAA does, like preventing homelessness, which
prevents a lot of other problems from occurring, especially for families
with children.

“With the really high cost of housing in our area, family homelessness has
become a big issue. EFAA has been forward thinking in terms of working
with the City, County and other organizations to create options for
families. I am constantly impressed with how EFAA’s programs are expanding
and refining. They just seem practical; an efficient and effective way to
use our resources.”

Soo, a professor at CU, has been volunteering at EFAA weekly for 18 years.
Her main focus is in the foodbank, organizing and cleaning so that the
shelves are well stocked and tidy.

“It makes sense to provide food to people so they can use their limited
budget to pay their rent. If they can’t pay rent and get evicted then they
have to start all over again. Once people lose their home, it is very
difficult, and expensive to get back in. Plus, the effects on children
are crushing. To me, it is just the right thing to do to make sure
children are safely housed and fed at a time in their life when they are
really vulnerable.”