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Helping Others In Honor of Grandma

When Brooke’s grandmother passed away, she searched for a way to process her grief after losing the most important person in her life. Honoring her grandmother’s loving, generous and community-oriented spirit, Brooke started Shari’s Deserving People Project. By channeling her energy into this work, Brooke could actualize her grandmother’s belief that everyone should be taken care of.

“She gave and gave and never asked for anything in return,” says Brooke. “She loved to see people happy. She was always there for me, and I want to help her generous spirit continue to help people even after her death.”

This winter, Shari’s Deserving People Project did a coat drive and delivered a giant load of warm winter coats to EFAA for parents and children living in EFAA’s housing sites. As Spring peaks around the corner, Brooke can be proud to know that children stayed warm this winter because of her efforts, in honor of her grandmother. Thank you, Shari, for your giving spirit.