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EFAA Volunteer Celebrates 20 Years of Helping Her Neighbors!

When Joanne first moved to Boulder, she wondered what was inside the busy little church on 9th and Arapahoe. Having just retired, she was searching for a way to contribute to her new community. “One day, I just decided to stop in,” said Joanne, recalling what would be the beginning of 20 years with EFAA.

“It was super busy,” she remembers of her first visit. “The phones were ringing off the hook… they asked me to fill out an application and come back the next day!”

Throughout the years, Joanne has seen a lot of changes at EFAA– from the introduction of computers, to moving to our current offices in North Boulder, and more recently becoming Boulder’s Family Resource Center, Joanne has been through it all. What has remained constant, however, is the need for EFAA’s services.

“We realize how close we are or any family is from being one emergency away from poverty. It’s so easy when you’re living paycheck to paycheck to just have one hiccup and then to no longer be able to feed your children.”

As for what made her stick around for all of these years, Joanne says it’s all about the people you meet. “Many participants come in at the same time every week, so you get to know them very well when you work the front desk,” she remarked. “I was talking to a woman last week who told me that EFAA was the reason her son was able to attend college… seeing the impact EFAA has on people’s lives is one of my favorite parts of being a volunteer.”

For others looking to get involved, Joanne has just one piece of advice: “Just do it! You will be greatly awarded, and challenged, you will grow… and you will also get so much back.”

Thank you, Joanne, for dedicating 20 years to helping our neighbors in need! To learn about how you can volunteer with EFAA, visit efaa.org/volunteer.