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EFAA Board member, volunteer, donor

kevin“EFAA’s philosophy of providing a safety-net of basic needs is very simple and fundamental. When executed at the level that EFAA has for many decades, the organization becomes an integral part of the community’s fabric. That inspires me.

My wife and I have been donors and volunteers for the past 20+ years. I see that there is more need than EFAA can provide for. That being said, EFAA is phenomenal at passing along the most possible from each dollar. There are ideals, and there are ideals in practice. Often the two don’t look the same. EFAA gets as close to the ideal as I have seen. Furthermore, the people who make EFAA run are completely committed to being advocates and confidants to those who need them most. This is always done with a focus on dignity and compassion.

The people of EFAA stay true to the mission and spirit of the organization. This authenticity has endeared EFAA to Boulder, and is something I want to be part of. For the last 7 years, once or twice a month, I pick up donated food from Safeway on 28th and Arapahoe and delivered it to EFAA’s food bank. Once a week, Safeway bakery goods, dairy, and other food items are pooled from inventories by Safeway employees and provided to EFAA for their customers. I really appreciate the commitment that Safeway and their employees have made toward EFAA. I think their commitment and the commitment of other EFAA supporters is representative of many of the special relationships that EFAA has developed in the community because of its extraordinary work.”