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Mother/Daughter Team

Aria_ChesleyMother and daughter team Chesley and Aria share their experiences of volunteering at EFAA.

“EFAA is truly an awesome organization, and it is fun to volunteer together because we are growing and learning the same things,” says Chesley about volunteering at EFAA with her 15-year-old daughter, Aria.

“We each found out about EFAA in different ways. Aria learned about EFAA through a Girl Scout project and, years later, I was reminded about EFAA when I was volunteering with Boulder Food Rescue. EFAA was one of my food drop-off points. Through this work I met a lot of the volunteers accepting deliveries in the food bank. Everyone was so happy and felt privileged to be helping EFAA and so appreciated. I knew this would be a perfect place for Aria and I to volunteer together. It sounded like fun to her, too, so now we work together in the food bank on Thursday afternoons, and at special events whenever we can.

“We get as much out of it as the clients who come through the food bank. It puts so much in perspective in your life. How can you feel no gratitude when you are in this kind of giving mode? Working here is infectious. We are always laughing and having a good time. I’ve gotten to know the clients and their kids. It’s really special.

“This experience has really opened Aria’s eyes, too,” says Chesley about her daughter. “Several of the clients we walk through the food bank have kids who go to her school. I think this has helped her realize that it can be absolutely anyone who is struggling. It’s not just a remote thing. It’s real for a lot of people. I love that she’s noticed this and sees the joy in giving and being part of something bigger than her.”

“It’s fun to talk to different people and get to know them,” says Aria. “And I love that I get to do this with my mom. It’s a nice break from everything like school and SAT prep. When I leave EFAA, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and that feels good.”