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Painting Fences!


When was the last time you got to paint on the walls and not get in trouble?

Last May, the EFAA’s Children’s Program kept kids engaged all month with a creative project at our North Carr housing facility: painting the backyard fence. With a little hard work and a lot of fun, children and a volunteer artist quickly transformed the fence from drab grey to bright, cheerful and full of life. Everyone had so much fun that some families who had recently moved out of North Carr returned for a visit to participate in completing painting project.

The artistic project culminated with a party for all the children and their families, complete with cake and “Certificates of Participation.”

Thank you for your support of EFAA. It’s because of you that inclusive, esteem-building projects like this are possible. With your help, we are able to bring positive new life experiences to the children in our housing program.