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Longtime EFAA supporter and Celebration extraordinaire.

Rhonda Mccay“I love EFAA and I love giving back to a community that has been very generous to me.

When I first moved to Boulder, I came as a single mom working on my college degree. If it had not been for the nonprofit organizations that made daycare available to me I wouldn’t have been able to go to school and get my degree. I realized that nonprofits and the people working to raise money for them helped me survive that time.

Years later, someone told me about being on the Guild of an organization and I said “I want to do that,” so I joined them. At first I didn’t even know anything about EFAA, but when I learned about the mission, I realized this was the work I wanted to support. I really believe in what EFAA does. I grew up in a family that struggled financially. My parents lived paycheck to paycheck, and if my dad had broken his arm or something else kept him from working for a month, we would have been in real trouble. My personal past makes me realize how important EFAA is. EFAA gives a hand up to people who are struggling, so they can continue to support themselves in the long run. That’s what’s important to me.

I’ve been a member of EFAA’s guild for 16 years. Volunteering on the Guild has been a great experience for me. We travel a lot, so I can’t commit to volunteering every week on the same day. But what I can do is go out into the community and ask for donations for EFAA’s annual Celebration gala – things that end up bringing in money to help EFAA clients. I also love attending the annual Celebration event. I have not missed one year since I started. I like the paddle raiser and bidding on auction items. I love buying things I would have bought anyway, but when I buy them at the event, I know the money is going to EFAA. Everyone wins!”