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Spreading Sunshine to the Children’s Program

A little girl tries on a new pair of shoes at the Sunshine Shoe Spectacular.

Kathy Oliver sits on the committee of The Sunshine Club that has been supporting EFAA’s Atwood Housing in Longmont for over a decade. Founded in 1905 by a group of local teenage girls looking to make a difference, The Sunshine Club remains committed to making their community brighter. “It’s about making a better world where you are,” says Kathy.

Historically, The Sunshine Club has provided residents of Atwood with “Moving On” baskets, which include laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, and toiletries for families moving on from EFAA’s housing to their new homes. “We want to do everything we can to establish a base to help them prosper,” said Kathy.

This year, they wanted to do something more. They recalled their own excitement as children to have new shoes for the school year and wanted to help the children at Atwood experience that same feeling.

This fall, The Sunshine Club launched their first ever “Sunshine Shoe Spectacular”. Members of The Sunshine Club joined EFAA families at a local store where the children got to try on and pick out their own pair of new shoes. Over the course of two days 21 children and youth, ranging in age from 13 months to 19 years, were provided brand new shoes at no cost thanks to the generosity of The Sunshine Club!

“When you help people in your own community, it’s actual. Right here in our town, there are families living in their cars,” said Janie Waters, President of The Sunshine Club, of why she’s motivated to help.

“…all humankind needs support. Loving each other is the one thing we’re called to do,” added Kathy.