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Summer Fun with the Children’s Program

Staff members Lindsey and Christina signing up EFAA participants for summer camps.

“Camp was a great experience for my kids. It was during a time that our family was facing many challenges and it was stressful at home. They got to get away and just be kids and have fun. I am so grateful that EFAA gave my children the opportunity to go to camp. It made a difference in their lives and they have beautiful memories from the experience and their time at EFAA. Thank you.” – EFAA Participant & Parent

Summer can be an especially challenging time for low-income families. With school out of session, parents struggle to find adequate childcare that will allow them to continue to work. That’s why EFAA is increasing its investments in our Children’s Program summer activities this year to provide even more resources for children to have a joyful and enriching summer break without putting extra strain on their parents.

In 2018, the Children’s Program connected over 35 children and youth with summer camp. This year, EFAA is tripling our funding for summer activities and dedicating over sixty hours of staff time to helping parents sign up for summer camps with the hopes of making an even bigger impact for EFAA families.

Through camps, children have the opportunity to spend their summers playing sports, doing outdoor activities, and learning about nature. “Camps are a wonderful opportunity for children to continue developing their self-confidence and social skills,” said Madison Goering, who oversees the Children’s Program at EFAA. “This increased investment will give families the extra flexibility they need to continue working over the summer.”