Basic Needs



Pay the rent or buy groceries? Buy groceries or buy bus tickets to get to work? Get to work or buy your daughter eye glasses so she can see in class? These are impossible choices many people face every day. But with short-term, targeted assistance at crucial times EFAA helps families avert crisis and recover more quickly.

Just think, one-time rent assistance from EFAA means a family can stay in their home and prevent the crisis and long-term cost of homelessness. Or, with food from our food bank, a family can feed their children and re-allocate budget to paying rent. With direct financial assistance for things like rent, utilities, transportation for work, or minor medical expenses, adults can continue working toward a brighter future. Our furniture program means that families can create a safe and homey environment for their children.

By helping people meet their basic needs, we empower them to establish financial stability and self-sufficiency.

Each EFAA client we serve works closely with a strengths-based case manager who helps them identify their most critical needs, tap into their opportunities, and connect with other local human services agencies and resources.

In FY15, EFAA:

• Conducted 16,983 face-to-face interviews with families needing help with rent, utility bills, food and other basic needs.
• Provided $599,849 in financial assistance to cover rent, utility bills, minor medical needs and transportation.
• Distributed over 637,432 pounds of food worth $1,096,383.