Homeless teen to Fortune 500

young-man-working“In the winter of 2005, I became a homeless teen due to family matters. I was still a senior in high school, unable to provide for myself and quickly found myself with no money or housing. I was sleeping in abandon barns and sheds and able to afford 1 bagel a day, when a friend mentioned EFAA.

EFAA gave me the chance to breathe and get my footing by providing a consistent place to sleep and food. Eventually, I secured employment and housing, and went on to college. I genuinely do not know what I would have done or where I would be without EFAA’s aid. Today, I hold a bachelors and master’s degree in engineering and work as an engineer for a Fortune 500 company. I am eternally grateful to EFAA for the help and hope they provided me during the most difficult period of my life.” – Anonymous