Strategic Education

Poverty and family homelessness does not occur in a vacuum. People who come to EFAA have faced personal challenges and community circumstances. Factors in the external environment, including the state of the economy and lower-income wages, the reach of public programs, and housing affordability to name a few, shape our client outcomes.

EFAA’s Strategic Education efforts seek to raise awareness of these broader issues facing EFAA households in order to create a local community more able to prevent hardship and move out of poverty and towards self-sufficiency. Our goal is to create an informed and engaged community, from citizens to businesses to local officials, on the realities facing EFAA participants and our collective solutions to improve the lives of all the residents in our service area.

Did you know…

50% of Boulder County’s homeless population is families with children, up from 42% last year.

The number of children living in poverty in Boulder County has risen 74% since 1990.

There are 1,386 homeless children registered in Boulder County schools.

EFAA serves 1 in 3 children living in poverty in Boulder County.

The Federal Poverty Level is $24,250 for a family of four, but that is not nearly high enough for economic self-sufficient in Boulder County, where the self-sufficiency standard for a family of four is $86,644 — more than three times the Federal Poverty Level.

Learn More

Here you can learn more about the social, economic and environmental trends in our local community.

Boulder County Trends Report, published by the Community Foundation of Boulder County (2015).

Status of Children in Boulder County report for 2016 and 2015, which is a project supported by the Boulder County Community Services Department, Boulder County Public Health, City of Boulder Human Services Department, and YWCA of Boulder County.

Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services Program and Community Resource Guide, published by Boulder County.

The Affordable Housing Crisis in Boulder County, published by Boulder County

Affordable Housing Need in Boulder County, published by Boulder County

Early Childhood Investment in Boulder County, published by Boulder County

Access to Food & Nutrition in Boulder County, published by Boulder County