Access to safe, affordable housing is critical to the long-term success of hardworking families, and our community. When children have a place to call home, and families have their most basic needs met, parents can be empowered to work toward financial stability and self-sufficiency. EFAA is the only organization in Boulder County that provides short-term housing to families with children.

While EFAA’s Basic Needs Program helps keep families in their homes with things like rent and utility bill assistance, EFAA’s Housing Program provides homes to local families with children who would otherwise be homeless.

Short-term housing

Families may stay for up to nine weeks and are provided assistance with food, transportation to work, and minor medical expenses. There is no cost to the family, which means their income can funnel to getting out of debt and building savings so they can re-establish themselves in permanent housing at the end of their stay.

Transitional housing

Families can participate for up to two years and pay minimal rent. Participants have access to EFAA’s food pantry and assistance with other basic needs, and work closely with a case manager. This longer stay can mean that a parent is able to finish their education, or secure a good job to rebuild from a crisis.

Bringing School Home

EFAA also works in partnership with Boulder Housing Partners on Bringing School Home, which provides affordable housing and educational opportunities for families with very young children. To learn how to apply, call our front desk at 303-442-3042 and ask about our Bringing School Home program.