EFAA Donors working hard

In June 2001,

EFAA saw need increase 30% over the previous year — the biggest spike in 20 years. The following year, need increased again 40%. This kicked off a financially turbulent decade, but despite the stagnant economy, the community rallied behind EFAA with generous donations and volunteer hours to meet need.

Children in EFAA housing


EFAA purchased a 12-unit housing complex in Lafayette in 2001. With increased housing stock, EFAA also continued to expand its Children’s Program to mitigate the trauma of homelessness on children and provide supports to help them succeed in school and life.

The Heyman family

In 2006,

after funding and building a triplex in North Boulder, EFAA began a capital campaign to raise $4,000,000 for a new main office building, The Heyman Family Client Service Center at 1575 Yarmouth Ave. in North Boulder, which opened in 2008. The Center included expanded office space, a food pantry, and transitional housing units.