Dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At EFAA, we know that access to opportunity is a key to success, and not everyone in our community has historically had the same access. That’s why, as an organization, we uplift and celebrate diversity, build pathways to inclusion, and work toward a community where identity is not a predictor of success.

To bring our mission, vision, and values to life, EFAA is taking action to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into every level of our organization. These actions include:

  • Shifting power to those most impacted by economic inequality. Our Participant Advisory Committee (PAC) informs EFAA’s service delivery, program design, and advocacy efforts. PAC has two seats on our Board of Directors, and participants can volunteer directly in our services. Participants are no longer passive recipients of aid but are active and equal contributors.
  • Commitment to DEI on a structural level. Staff have formed an active DEI Task Force that helps prioritize DEI efforts at the staff level—increasing training and promoting safe spaces for difficult conversations. In 2020, the Board established a DEI Committee focused on providing guidance and oversight of EFAA’s DEI efforts. We are currently finalizing an org-wide DEI plan to guide our work.
  • Ensuring that our services represent the diverse populations we serve. For example, we strive to offer culturally relevant choices in the food bank, and we require all EFAA case managers to be fluent in Spanish. We’re also revitalizing our recruitment practices to ensure our staff, Boards, and volunteers represent the diversity of our community.

EFAA is deeply committed to continuing to invest resources to transform our organization and community at-large, and we look forward to continuing to share our journey with you.