EFAA Participants Plan for Financial Future

EFAA is pleased to offer free Financial Health Courses to help our participants gain practical tools to plan for their financial future. This course was co-developed between EFAA’s Participant Advisory Committee (PAC) and Philanthropiece, a local nonprofit that collaborates with organizations to make communities more equitable and inclusive to all. It is a great example of participants self-identifying their own needs to shape EFAA programming and make us a stronger organization.

This customized 8-week course helps participants understand and overcome barriers to building wealth, create a culture of savings, improve credit, and connect to resources to support their financial wellbeing. The course, which kicked off in 2021, was offered once in English and once in Spanish, with four more offerings already planned for the Fall and Spring.

“I was a person who never saved. I was someone who wasted a lot of money; at the end of the quincena I would have no funds left and I would have to go around asking for money from my parents or my siblings. This course has served me greatly. For example, now I have three months saved up. I have learned to not spend on things that I don’t need; and to have saved a bit of the money that I earn for anything that comes up that is urgent or extra, that is needed for my kids or myself.” -Financial Health Course Participant

22 participants have successfully graduated from our first English and Spanish cohorts, and 100% of the graduates reported they made progress towards their financial goals because of the course and learned something new.

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