Making Our Community Healthier

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At EFAA, it’s not uncommon to see families on the brink of homelessness because of exorbitant medical bills, medical related job loss, or simply because they didn’t have paid sick leave. We see individuals with diabetes struggling to afford the healthy foods they need to manage their condition, while heart conditions are further exacerbated by the chronic stress of poverty. Barriers in our healthcare system pose insurmountable challenges for people with low-incomes, and few options for assistance exist outside of insurance and crowd-sourcing. For years, EFAA has provided financial support to help families and individuals receive the care they need. When historical funding from a longtime corporate supporter disappeared with a merger, it was unclear if EFAA could continue to fill this gap. That’s when Jon Berman, a local physician, stepped in to help. “In my 15 year career as an ER doctor, I saw people whose health was failing, coming to us as their last option. So much of what was ailing them was preventable, but the cost was deterring people from getting the care they needed. Although our healthcare system needs much deeper restructuring, helping EFAA immediately makes a difference today for the lives of those receiving support.” Today, the fund is as strong as ever thanks to Dr. Berman — last year, EFAA helped 67 households with over $24,811 in assistance for things like lifesaving prescriptions for participants facing kidney failure, knee replacements, and cataract surgery, to name a few. At the recommendation of our Participant Advisory Council, EFAA was able to increase medical support for our families from $350 to $500 per household. With new support from the City of Boulder’s Health Equity Fund, EFAA can double the amount of people served in the coming year! Thank you to Dr. Berman and the City of Boulder for helping to ensure our participants can access the healthcare they need.