EFAA Volunteer Steps Up During Pandemic

in Volunteer Spotlight

Ryan was just 11 years old when he began volunteering at EFAA. It started out as a family affair, with him and his older brother hosting a Mother’s Day food drive. At thirteen, he joined his mother, who serves on EFAA’s Development and Communications committee, by volunteering as photographer for the annual Celebration Gala.

Today, the high school junior has really ramped up his volunteer efforts in EFAA’s food bank. In the past year and a half since the start of COVID-19, Ryan put in some serious hours and even stepped into the role of Food Bank Shift Lead. With virtual learning in place and extracurricular activities on pause, he wanted a way to keep himself busy and help others. “I realized that I’m young, healthy, and the least at-risk group, and volunteering would be a great way to prevent more at-risk people from getting sick.”

Even with a busy schedule, Ryan carves out the time to volunteer with EFAA because of the enriching experience it gives him. He loves working at the “bodega” at the front of the Food Bank and getting to know folks who come for food. He also appreciates the community of volunteer “regulars” that has formed on the Friday afternoon shift. “I started volunteering more in this past year to keep myself busy while making a difference, but forming those connections is what keeps me coming back. Shout-out to Alyssa, Jill, and the Friday afternoon crew!”