Three years later, I’m helping and so can you.

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My name is Andrew “Que” Jones and I am a member of the new Participant Advisory Council (PAC) at EFAA. We’re a group of current and former recipients of EFAA’s services that works closely with members of the community to ascertain any needs that our organization may not be currently meeting so that we can better meet them in the future. We have a lot of work to do, and we can’t do it without you.

As a member of the PAC, I’m personally committed to utilizing every donation you give to optimize our ability to serve the community. Your donations stock cupboards, assist with utility and medical needs, and often provide relief for otherwise unattainable necessities, such as car repairs, eyeglasses, and preventive dental care that people would otherwise have to go without.

At my lowest point, EFAA was there for me, and now I want to be there for others.

I went from having everything to losing everything overnight, and EFAA gave me a fresh start. EFAA provided me with a hotel voucher to keep me from sleeping outside, as well as half of the deposit necessary to move into my apartment. Without that help, I would have lost my home which would have also meant losing custody of my son. If that wasn’t a save, I don’t know what is!

Now, three years later, in addition to being a leader on the PAC, I am blessed to have recently joined the EFAA staff team.

With your help, together we can continue helping others as you’ve helped me. Your donation today will no doubt provide many families with comfort and warmth over the holiday season and beyond.

Andrew “Que” Jones
Participant Advisory Council Member
Emergency Family Assistance Association