EFAA Promotes Civic Engagement Through Voter Registration

in Strategic Education

Did you know that in addition to providing food, financial assistance, housing, and family support, EFAA also lends our voice and support for public policy and legislative issues that would positively benefit our participants’ lives?

This past fall, in collaboration with Community Resource Center (CRC), EFAA launched a nonpartisan voter engagement campaign to empower our participants to use their voices to inform public policy decisions. The goal of these efforts is not only to drive people to register to vote, but also to disseminate information about the election process and debunk misinformation.

The 2021 campaign was a huge success – we initially set out to register 75 people to vote, and we exceeded this goal by registering 118 voters! These efforts mean that historically underserved or under-engaged voters are making their vote count on ballot issues that could directly impact the quality of their lives, such as affordable housing and minimum wage.

In addition to this voter outreach initiative, EFAA also installed a 24-hour ballot box outside of our main office! This makes it easier for our participants and the neighboring community to cast their ballots in the Colorado elections.

This year we plan to build upon our early success, raising awareness and registering even more people. Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest news on our voter engagement efforts.