In 2018, to commemorate EFAA’s 100-year anniversary as Boulder County’s community safety net, EFAA’s donor community committed over $1.6 million to EFAA’s Centennial Endowment Fund. Learn more about EFAA’s history here.

What is the Centennial Endowment?

The Centennial Endowment is a permanent fund held at The Community Foundation Boulder County. The endowment is invested, with dividends being reinvested, until such time EFAA’s Board of Directors vote to withdraw a portion of the funds from the endowment for the purposes it was created. The endowment will never be spent down entirely. It will be safeguarded to grow and live on to support future generations in Boulder County.

What does EFAA’s endowment support?

The endowment provides a solid foundation for the future by providing funds when needed to:

  • RESPOND to the needs of our community’s families in times of crisis or need
  • EXPAND opportunities and fund innovative approaches to help those in need build a brighter future
  • MAINTAIN our short-term and transitional housing to keep families safe and together
A family seeking EFAA’s services during the Great Depression. EFAA’s Centennial Endowment Fund was created to celebrate EFAA’s 100 year anniversary.

Why does EFAA need an endowment?

EFAA has always been able to fund its service and programs through generous gifts from the community. However, when something extraordinary happens or a unique opportunity arises, general operating dollars aren’t always enough. The Centennial Endowment will ensure EFAA’s ability to respond in times of crisis and seize important opportunities at the moment when families are in need.

How will it grow?

EFAA’s endowment will continue to grow through careful investments and donations made by donors who want to leave a legacy through their philanthropy or their estate plans.

Interested in learning more or considering making a gift?

Please contact Ashley Rumble, Director of Development & Communications at AshleyR@efaa.org or 303-951-7696.

A special thank you to our Centennial Endowment Founders!

The 1040 Foundation
Gary and Cris Aboussie
Elena Aranda and Jorge De Santiago
Jennifer Ashley
Terry and Cathy Benjamin
Kathy and Pat Benner
Riley, Jesse, and Drew Bergquist
Nancy and Michael Berman
Sandy and Sally Bracken
Jahnavi, Scott, and Sarvani Brenner
Ellen Burnes
In Honor of Bob and Grace Callaway
Rick and Christine Case
The Cormier Family
Scott and Julie Dale
Brad and Annie Davids
Dan and Debbie Day
Kristy Feldkamp and Mike Murray
Suzanne and Richard Fetter
Andy and Audrey Franklin
Dave and Andrea Friedlander
Jon and Vicki Gordon
Victoria and John Greff
Susi Gritton
Amy and Andy Grolnick
Paul Gross and Darla Lamper
Lynn Guissinger
Josie and Rollie Heath
The Heyman Family
Bruce Holland and Dianne Ladd
R. David and Suzanne A. Hoover
The Peggy and Rob Kaufman Family
Stuart and Lauren Kingsbery
Walter Kingsbery and Jane Christman
Mary Lee and Jay Schusterman
Jim and Patience Linfield

Kevin and Robin Luff
The Mahaffy Family
The Mast Family in Memory of Debbie Mast
Rhonda and David McCay
Randy Morgan and Terry DeKalb
Matt and Kristin Moseley
Jane Patrick and Barry Schacht
Chris and Kirk Ray
Janet Redding
Timothy Reed and Katherine Dubois Reed
David and Janet Robertson
Sheryl Robinson and Steve Jacobson
Julie Rogers and Leonard Berman
Ashley Rumble and Ryan Pasic
Nancy L. Sanders
Ron and Cheryl Sandgrund
In Memory of Theodore “Ted” Santuae
Kurt and Peggy Schrammel
Ardith Sehulster and Eugene Tidball
Luci Sheehan
Lynn and Barry Shook
Aaron and Emilie Spear
Jessica and Yancey Spruill
Joshua Sroge and Cappra Colangelo
Tim and Linda Stancliffe
Lillian and Nick Sutcliffe
Stephen Tebo
Michael Thomason and Alice Dale-Thomason
Francis Valette
Julie Van Domelen and Joseph Lekarczyk
MaryBeth and Mark Vellequette
Lew and Beth Visscher
Ken and Laurie Von Wald
Tim and Bobbie Watson
Rich Wildau and Sharon McClew
Mark and Katherine Young
Paul and Kim Zilis