Direct Financial Assistance

In 2015, EFAA distributed nearly $600,000 in direct financial assistance to help keep people safely in their homes and working toward self-sufficiency. Direct financial assistance is available to qualifying families with children, seniors and people with disabilities and can be in the form of vouchers, reimbursements or direct pay to cover things like:

• One-time rent or housing deposit assistance to keep clients in their homes.
• Hotel vouchers for short-term stays to prevent imminent homelessness.
• Energy-based utility bill assistance to keep the lights on and the home warm.
• Assistance with minor medical, dental or vision expenses.
• Assistance with fees for ID cards or birth certificates necessary for employment.
• Bus passes so clients can get to work or medical appointments.

EFAA may also help clients connect with other organizations and resources for needs outside of EFAA’s offerings. This can include things like childcare, job training, plumbing repair, healthcare and educational financial aid guidance.