Have a Heart to Boost Your Bottom Line

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Really Matters

appledtrustceosCorporate social responsibility (CSR) is an umbrella term that describes a company’s efforts to improve society in some way, whether it be socially or environmentally. Many people may ask, “Why does CSR matter?” Well, according to research, socially responsible companies often enjoy stronger brands, a more loyal consumer base, and an employee pool that is much more engaged. In other words, being a company with heart can boost your bottom line.

Socially responsible companies look forward to what kind of company they want to be, not just next year, but also into the next decade. This long-term thinking opens up opportunities for making powerful statements of a company stands for. Consider this…

According to a recent Cone Communications Global CSR Study
• Nearly all global consumers expect companies to act responsibly, but half need to hear or see proof of a company’s responsibility before they will believe it. To prove these cynics wrong, companies must share CSR efforts and impacts across multiple touch points.
• Consumers say they pay attention to two things: companies that are going above and beyond with CSR efforts and companies that are being called out for poor CSR performance. Companies can get attention the right way through bold goals and clear, consistent CSR communications.
• Consumers view their role in creating social and environmental change as extending well beyond the cash register. Companies can serve as a catalyst for sparking donations, volunteerism and advocacy by giving consumers a spectrum of ways to get involved. Partnering with consumers in this way can serve as both a reputation and bottom-line builder.

According to a recent Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study
• Employees Want to Know Employers Care: Americans see their work and personal lives as increasingly blended, and when they come to the office they want it to mean something more than just a paycheck. They want to know their employer cares about them as an individual – and they expect benefits that go well beyond the standard financial and healthcare packages.
• Engaging Employees in Corporate Responsibility Impacts the Bottom Line: A company’s CR commitments have a direct tie to attracting and retaining talent. For many employees, CR is a consideration in not only deciding where to work, but also impacts job satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, it is so important to some that they won’t take a job unless the company has strong social and environmental programs.

Many companies place a high value on strengthening the families and individuals who make up their community. After all, when your neighbors, employees, co-workers, and children’s classmates are thriving, everyone benefits. It is this value that drives many local, and national companies with a presence in Boulder County, to support EFAA’s work empowering families to thrive. EFAA is the oldest and most well-respected human service non-profit in Boulder County. For 99 years, EFAA has been supported by community donations and, in turn, responded to our community’s needs.

To learn more about becoming an EFAA Corporate Partner click here, or call Sara Joss at 303-951-7676 or saraj@nullefaa.org

Thank you to our 85 Corporate Partners of all different types and sizes. We could not do our work without you!

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