McGuckins & EFAA: Keeping Our Community Going

Guest Blog by Louise Garrels, McGuckin Hardware’s Marketing Manager

There have been many instances over the last 62+ years that our store and staff have been “second responders” in times of crisis, large and small, in our community. For us, customer service takes on a deeper meaning when you seek our help. We can help you fix your broken pipe, teach you how to mitigate for wildfire, mend your screen door that your dog ran through again, and even pick the safest snow tubes for your visiting grandchildren. What we can’t do is keep your family together after you’ve lost your job, find you a safe place to live after disaster strikes, or make sure your family eats a nutritious meal when you can’t afford one.

Thankfully, we have EFAA in our community. EFAA is the organization that pulls through for every person that needs help with basic needs like food and shelter. How do we know this? Because over the last 23 years that we’ve supported EFAA, you’ve relayed countless stories about how their programs and services have been there for you, your neighbor, or your loved one… and we listened.

So, this holiday season I invite you to take advantage of our gift wrap station and consider making a donation to EFAA at the gift wrap counter. And from December 8 -17, when our cashier asks you if you’d like to round up for EFAA, just say, “Yes!”

Thank you!

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