We welcome volunteers who are required to complete community service hours for school, church, court, scouts, or workfare benefits.


Please complete our online Volunteer Application Form and then plan to attend an upcoming orientation. New Volunteer Orientations are on alternate Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:00 pm at our main office, 1575 Yarmouth Ave. in Boulder. You will receive additional information about upcoming orientations, including dates and how to schedule yourself, after completing our volunteer application form.

Scheduling & Tracking Community Service Hours

After attending an orientation, it is your responsibility to  schedule yourself for volunteer shifts and to sign in and out while volunteering on site to ensure your hours are accurately tracked in our volunteer database. Once you have completed your service hours, the Community Resources Manager will be happy to report your hours by signing or providing any required paperwork. If you’d like to monitor your hours before your service is complete, you may do so by signing in to the volunteer portal.

Court-Mandated Community Service Policies & Information

• Charges related to theft, violence/assault/harassment, or sexual misconduct are prohibited.
• All court-mandated volunteers must commit to a minimum of 16 hours of service with EFAA.
• All court-mandated volunteers must complete our online volunteer application and attend a new volunteer orientation.
• You must provide documentation of your requirement and your case worker’s or probation officer’s contact information on our volunteer application before beginning your community service.
• Community service hours will most likely be performed in our Food Bank or entail landscaping/yard work at our office in Boulder.
• Our schedule is very flexible and most volunteers are able to compete their hours in a timely manner.