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A Life Changed

shutterstock_55675558Emily is off to college to pursue her dream of studying criminal justice and law enforcement. But two years ago, Emily was in a very different place and this dream didn’t even exist. Emily and her mother had experienced a family crisis that left them without a place to live or resources to get back on their feet. With nowhere else to turn, they were able to move into EFAA’s housing where they could stabilize their lives. Emily’s performance in high school improved dramatically and she blossomed as a student. Motivated by her difficult situation at home, she dedicated herself to working hard in school, becoming involved in leadership opportunities, and inspiring other students.

“After we moved into EFAA housing, I decided I was going to focus on school and not let my personal life get in the way of my success,” says Emily. “I started getting good grades and I was able to use my own experiences to help other students.”
Emily became a 360 leader at school, mentoring younger students, and talking to them about the struggles they faced. She was eager to share the mistakes she had corrected and encourage students to engage with their teachers and work hard. She is especially passionate about being a strong leader in the Latino community, and is herself inspired by successful Latino role models she’s met through school and her work in an elementary school teaching program.

After college, she wants to work on issues like police brutality and change how people think about the police. She also wants to use her voice to raise awareness about issues like domestic violence, and empower women and girls to speak up.