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EFAA Expanding Children’s Program

Hasbro toys 2015 2jpgEFAA has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Hasbro Children’s Fund to help expand our Children’s Program in 2016! The expansion of the program, a crucial part of EFAA’s Strategic Plan, will provide greater evidenced-based support to both children and their parents in our programs, primarily focusing on families in short-term housing. Activities will be focused on trauma management, socio-economic support, school readiness, communications and life skills, and parenting resources.

In addition to the financial grant, 3,000 toys and games were donated by Hasbro and given away as holiday gifts for families receiving EFAA services, or kept for our Children’s Program activities. Staff who were working the gift room before the holidays were touched by the value these toys held for the children who received them. When families are struggling to keep food on the table, the children know it- and are often quick to make sacrifices to help their family. Being able to walk through our gift room and pick out a brand new toy that was meant to be just for them?  It was a rare opportunity for them to just be kids, which is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

“We are delighted to work with the Hasbro Children’s Fund to make a positive impact in the lives and futures of local children in need,” said Julie Van Domelen, EFAA’s Executive Director. “Children exposed to homelessness and extreme poverty experience toxic stress and trauma. Research shows that these children are more likely to have a multitude of life-long negative consequences unless given adequate support as early as possible. Our belief is that we must leverage our services to the one third of local children living in poverty that we serve by intervening and supporting these families.”

Learn more about the grant, Hasbro, and what EFAA does by reading our press release:

EFAA Receives $25,000 grant to Expand Children’s Program