Strong Corporate Social Responsibility Attracts Strong Employees

Grover croppedGuest Blog By Grover Wray of DigitalGlobe

Throughout my long career in Human Resources, I have been driven by one unwavering goal: to create a great workplace. Employee engagement is my mission. We spend most of our waking hours on the job, so it’s critical to like what you do, who you work for and who you work with.

Increasingly, job seekers will only say “yes” to a company that operates according to values that match their own – one that offers the opportunity to do meaningful work, and connects to a higher purpose. This alignment of values can be demonstrated through the type of work a company does, it’s corporate social responsibility practices, and what is shared among employees as a manifesto.

As head of HR at DigitalGlobe, my work is already halfway done. Our company provides satellite imagery and data about the Earth used by customers around the world to protect the planet and all its people; solve the greatest global challenges, from supporting security forces and natural disaster response to helping stop human trafficking and destruction of habitats. Purpose, we have that.

But companies have bigger expectations to fulfill. It’s also about integrity—putting words into action. Companies must be good citizens of the world and of the local community, to lend support to organizations that tackle issues close to home and close to the heart of employees.

At DigitalGlobe, we are committed to living our purpose of “seeing a better world” by helping out—by fostering a culture of giving and volunteerism. Our volunteer programs are integral in creating the emotional connection to the organization that drives engagement.

Last year our employees donated hundreds of hours to help organizations like EFAA provide safety net services to families and individuals of all ages. They also donated hundreds of hours to nonprofits that secure food, shelter, healthcare and other critical services to those in need, to support families facing a medical crisis, to animal rescue groups, veterans organizations, as well as to schools to inspire students’ curiosity about science, technology and math.
DigitalGlobe has a robust corporate giving program that specifically targets those organizations where our employees volunteer. Through this program we award grants to the nonprofits nominated by employees as a way to both recognize and augment the impact of their volunteer hours.

Through the DigitalGlobe Foundation we support the development of next generation of geospatial leaders who share in our purpose by providing access to our imagery, information and expertise.

Our employee base is made up of intelligent, thoughtful and caring individuals who demonstrate a deep sense of personal responsibility—to their work and their life. I see that every day. The best employees bring their passion and purpose to work, and would only seek a role at a company that mirrors their principles and commitment to the world beyond the office. Corporate social responsibility is integral to what we are as a company. Our employees could work anywhere, but they choose DigitalGlobe.

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