Welcome Dan Day, EFAA’s New Board President

dan day photoTwenty years ago, I was drawn to support EFAA with my time and resources because I wanted to help families in need. I wanted to give them a hand up in difficult times while they worked toward a better future. Today, as a longtime volunteer, donor and Board member of EFAA, I am honored and humbled to act as this fiscal year’s Board President. EFAA’s excellent history of stewarding the countless caring efforts of its volunteers and donations of all sizes — all to benefit families in need — is what drives my dedication to volunteer and donate today.

With EFAA celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2018, I am very excited about the direction EFAA is taking to deepen relationships with the people we help. To make an even more significant long-term impact on the lives of local families, EFAA is deepening case management work, expanding partnerships and creating innovative new programs, all with the intent of keeping families in their homes, stabilizing homeless families as quickly as possible, and ending the cycle of inter-generational poverty. EFAA is more closely tracking client outcomes and providing more direct oversight and assistance in order to improve long-term outcomes. Part of this is EFAA’s work on new programs focused on kids, including a more robust Children’s Program to provide a better opportunity for those most vulnerable in our community; to affect them early and in the most positive manner possible.

Over the past 20 years I have seen EFAA respond to our community’s needs with programs and services that offer families, seniors and people with disabilities the greatest chance at a brighter future. I look forward to serving as EFAA’s Board President and being part of EFAA’s exemplary work to strengthen families and ultimately, strengthen our entire community.

With an amazing staff and the many volunteers that support EFAA’s work, we look forward to continuing to enhance the good work that EFAA does. If you are or have been involved with EFAA as a volunteer or donor, let me personally say “Thank you.” We cannot do EFAA’s good work without you.

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