2022 Election: ballot measure endorsements, voter engagement, and more!

EFAA’s work expands beyond providing food, financial assistance, housing, and family support, as we also lend our voice and support for public policy and legislative issues that would benefit our participants’ lives. As you consider the many important issues on the ballot in the upcoming elections on November 8, we want to share with you EFAA’s positions and how we see these measures supporting our participants on their path towards self-sufficiency! Read on to learn more about the 3 ballot measures that EFAA supports.

Support Colorado Proposition FF – Healthy School Meals for All

If this ballot initiative passes, starting next school year, it will cover the cost for participating school districts to offer free breakfast and lunches to all students regardless of their socioeconomic status. It will also increase the pay for school staff who prepare school meals, invest in more nutritious, locally grown food, and establish a student-parent advisory committee to elevate their voices in decision making. This measure will generate stable funding for this program by limiting state income tax deductions for Coloradans who make more than $300,000/year.

EFAA joined the coalition that supports this measure www.schoolmealsforco.org because we believe that nutrition is crucial to students’ learning and overall development. We see firsthand the impact that the high price of food and housing have on our participants’ ability to put food on the table. This measure will not only help reduce the stigma, but it will also ensure that all students have access to nutritious meals even if they earn slightly higher than the limit to qualify for Free/Reduced lunch program.

Why It Matters:

8.5% of children in Boulder County don’t always have enough nutritious food to meet their growing needs, while over 1/3 of food insecure people in Boulder County earn too much to qualify for major federal nutrition assistance programs (SNAP, WIC, etc.) Click here to learn more about Food Insecurity, Children’s Wellbeing, and other Community Wellbeing indicators.

Support Colorado Proposition 123 – Dedicate Revenue for Affordable Housing

With voters’ approval, this ballot initiative will generate approximately $300 million per year to develop affordable housing across Colorado. It would divert state income tax revenue equal to 0.1% of taxable income would from the General Fund to a new State Affordable Housing Fund. These funds will support the development of 170,000 new permanently affordable homes and rentals over the next 20 years, expand homeownership opportunities and help build wealth, and help local governments commit to increasing affordable housing by 3% a year.

EFAA joined the coalition that supports this measure yeson123co.com because it allows governments and local organizations to address the urgent need for affordable housing throughout Colorado. It guarantees stable funding that would permit multi-year planning and commitments. As rents and home values continue to increase, economically disadvantaged households continue to struggle to afford housing without spending more than the recommended 30% of their income in rent.

Why It Matters:

Average rent in Boulder County increased 50% in the last 5 years, and we have seen a dramatic increase in households needing rental assistance to avoid eviction. Click here to learn more about Housing Stability and other Community Wellbeing indicators.

Support Boulder County Ballot Issue 1C – Transportation Sales and Use Tax Extension and Revenue Change

This measure extends the 0.1% (which equates to just 1 cent on a $10 purchase) countywide transportation sales tax that has been in place for over 20 years to fund multimodal transportation priorities in Boulder County identified in the Transportation Master Plan (TMP). This plan includes funding dedicated to ensure equitable access to transportation for people with low incomes, people with disabilities, older adults, people who do not speak English, as well as youth and their families.

EFAA joined the coalition that supports this measure yeson1c.com because we know that transportation access is crucial for our participants to access housing, job and educational opportunities, medical services, and even getting to EFAA for support.

Why It Matters:

Transportation access is crucial for EFAA participants’ ability to live, work, and provide for their families. Right now, gas and pre-owned cars prices are at record highs, and RTD routes, ridership, and frequency have been substantially impacted by COVID. Boulder County’s Mobility for All Ages and Abilities and the Youth Transportation program play a vital role in meeting this need, and we need to ensure that they are adequately funded.

Voter Registration

Are YOU registered to vote? Click here to register and/or pledge to vote, check/update your registration, look up what’s on your ballot, and find your nearest ballot box or polling center. You can register up to and on election day (November 8th), but if you register by October 31st you will automatically receive your ballot in the mail. By the way, did you see the 24-hour ballot box outside of our main office?

EFAA hopes that you will join us in making a plan to vote on or before November 8, and don’t forget to encourage and support others in making their voices heard! Please email Ana Fernandez Frank (she/her/ella), Public Policy and Community Outreach Coordinator), at ana@efaa.org with questions or if you are interested in joining our Strategic Education and advocacy work.

Note: Neither this information nor any related voter education activity at EFAA is intended to reflect an endorsement for, or opposition to, any candidate or political party.