Carrying On A Legacy Of Kindness

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Robert (Bob) Golten dedicated his life and career to helping others. As a lawyer, that meant everything from pursuing justice in the courtroom, setting up law clinics around the world, and teaching classes on international human rights. In his own community, Bob noticed a startling inequality: people were falling deeper into the poverty trap because tight budgets were causing them to make impossible choices, like whether to pay rent or feed their family. In 1989, Bob established the Special Needs Fund at EFAA to help people in our community pay for things like doctors’ visits for a sick child or utility bills to keep the house warm. After Bob’s passing in 2012, his family and friends generously continued his legacy by maintaining the previously anonymous fund in his name. “Feeling that he made a difference in this way was centrally important to him during his life as well as at the end of his life as he looked back,” said his daughter, Lauren Golten. “Continuing this legacy is incredibly important to our family” his widow Joan Brett added. “Bob always rooted for the underdog and gave his time and resources tirelessly.” Today, EFAA pairs financial assistance from the Robert Golten Special Needs Fund with holistic resourcing, budgeting, and referrals to help participants build a stronger safety net. Bob’s family, including his widow Joan Brett and daughters, Lauren and Ryan Golten, continue to live in Boulder County and are committed to ensuring the fund remains available to help meet the needs of our community today. EFAA is grateful to the Golten family and friends for their vision and dedication to help meet our unmet community needs.