EFAA’s response to the coronavirus

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A note to our community on EFAA’s response to COVID-19:
The current moment we find ourselves in is surprisingly similar to the moment in which EFAA was founded. In 1918, EFAA began providing immediate support to families and individuals economically impacted by the Spanish Influenza. For over 100 years, EFAA has been committed to providing essential services to our community during certain and uncertain times. Today is no different.

EFAA has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and has begun implementing changes to our service delivery to protect the health of our participants, volunteers and staff. EFAA is moving to limit face-to-face interactions and promote social distancing by shifting to a ‘grab and go’ model of food distribution through prepared boxes/bags of food and moving to phone-based appointments whenever possible. Read more on modifications to our service delivery at https://www.efaa.org/coronavirus/.

Because EFAA participants will be disproportionately affected by the health and economic effects of the coronavirus, we are planning to ensure our essential services remain available while also ramping up to meet what we believe will be a growing community need for food and financial support. We have already begun to order additional non-perishable food stocks and identify resources for rent, medical and other emergency financial assistance needs. We are committed to our anchor role as Boulder’s community-based safety net that people rely on.

As partners in our work, we will keep you up to date on EFAA’s evolving response. We thank you for your support and concern and for your continued commitment as we find creative solutions to meet our community’s needs. Together, just as we did over one hundred years ago, we will work to ensure everyone in our community gets the critical resources they need.


Julie Van Domelen

P.S. Stay up to date with EFAA’s evolving response to the coronavirus at efaa.org/coronavirus.

If you have concerns or ideas please email COVID19team@efaa.org and our response team will get back to you as soon as possible.