Meet Kammi!

in EFAA News

EFAA is pleased to welcome Kammi Siemens as our new Director of Programs. Kammi brings years of leadership and expertise in economic mobility, including with Goodwill Industries International and the Jewish Family Service in Boulder.

What brought you to work for EFAA?

I have been personally and professionally committed to working on economic resilience for my entire career. Working at EFAA is like “coming home” for me – I’m originally from Colorado, and I recently moved back after working at the policy level in DC for several years. I’m so grateful to make a difference here where my family is.

What are you most excited about at EFAA?

The heart of what attracts me to EFAA is its whole-family approach to end the cycle of poverty. I have always believed that social issues are deeply entrenched, and issues like family homelessness and food insecurity contribute to child poverty, which has lifelong impacts. My motto is “every kid to bed, fed.”

What is one thing you hope to improve?

I am excited to bring some of the policies and strategies to EFAA that I have seen be effective in moving the needle on economic resilience. It’s part of what I like to call a “3-legged stool”: work, housing, and money management. EFAA is one of the few agencies that recognizes the power of economic resilience, and it is uniquely poised to make a difference in that area.

Tell us something about yourself that people may not know about you.

I have been a glass artist for over 20 years! My specialty is kiln formed glass sculptures that evoke motion of the waves in the ocean, which inspires the name of my business, Fire Ocean Glass. Having a creative outlet helps me be creative in problem solving at work!