Local 12-year old hosts massive food drive for EFAA

in Food Bank

Meet Ryder – a local 12-year-old who facilitated one of the largest individual food drive donations to EFAA of all time.

For his Bar Mitzvah Service Learning project, Ryder was inspired to run a food drive to help restock shelves after increased community need from COVID. We were amazed when he came to EFAA with an outstanding 1,430 pounds of food! This is enough to feed a family of four for three months.

“I really love our community, and my goal in running this food drive was to help as many people as possible. I felt really proud when I learned that my efforts could help feed a family of four.”

A born organizer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ryder went above and beyond to solicit food drive donations for EFAA by coordinating with local organizations. At Ryder’s urging, Superior County and the Louisville Library placed food drive bins outside of their buildings. Ryder’s business-savvy efforts-for-good extend beyond EFAA – this young person also runs his own small business of snack vending machines and donates 20% of profits to local charities. Ryder’s efforts remind us all that it’s never too soon to start making a difference.

Thank you, Ryder, for your commitment to helping EFAA and the community at large!