Meet Our Hunger Heroes!

in Food Insecurity

While most of EFAA’s services have moved to remote operations in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, our food bank has kept its doors open to help feed our community. Meet two of the dedicated food bank workers hired this spring who have made this work possible: 

“I have lived in Boulder for 20 years and EFAA has such a good reputation. You don’t want something like this to have to exist, but that’s not reality — the reality is people need food. It’s such a good operation, and I was happy to step in as staff after volunteering with EFAA for a year and a half. The crew we have is incredible. None of us really knew one another going in, but we all gel really well and give it our all. In some ways it’s a break for us – I think the news is so heavy on so many fronts, and when we go in to work at EFAA we see the bright side. Of course we want this to end soon, but we also really enjoy taking a bad situation and making it the best that we can. That’s our goal when we come in, and I think we leave every day feeling great.” – Karen 


“I wanted to get more into the nonprofit world as I have always loved volunteering and saw EFAA was looking for people to work in the food bank. When I wasn’t working due to my disability, I would go to EFAA for help every now and then, and had just gone recently because of COVID-19. It’s been weird to be on the other side, having been sick unable to take care of myself, and it feels really refreshing to be the one helping. I’m grateful to the donors and to EFAA, not only for the nice job they provided me, but also for all the ways they’ve helped me and my community. EFAA is key to many for survival and/or a decent quality of life, and has helped me and many people I care about enormously. We are all grateful!” – Rose 

Thank you to all EFAA staff who have worked tirelessly to provide for our community during times of crisis!