Spreading Holiday Cheer Through Volunteering

in Volunteer Spotlight
Beth helps participants check-in to the gift room every year.

Beth has been volunteering with EFAA for four years and goes above and beyond by working two shifts each week — one in the food pantry and one doing participant intake. But each winter, Beth transforms into something even more special: Chief Cheer Officer in the Holiday Gift Room!

While that may not be her “official” title, Beth knows a lot about spreading joy. She oversees EFAA’s Holiday Gift Room, which helps provide new, age-appropriate presents for families in need. Beth comes in every day the gift room is open to help families register and answer their questions. It’s not unusual to see a line out the door. “Participants will recognize me from the gift room
when they see me in the food pantry or at intake,” says Beth. She says people are really thankful to be able to get new presents for their children that they otherwise would be unable to afford.

“It was very much helpful because I couldn’t afford new toys for my kids, especially around the holidays,” said a participant who has utilized EFAA’s gift room in the past. “It has helped to make sure my kids don’t feel deprived during Christmas, and it was nice to see my kids so happy.”

EFAA’s holiday gift room will be open to accept donations from December 2nd through December 18th. Visit our holiday giving page for more details!