Donate // How to Host a Food Drive

We often get asked,  what is an easy, but impactful way to help our neighbors in need? The answer? Host a food drive for EFAA! There are thousands of people in Boulder who simply don’t have enough food to eat each day. Organize a food drive with your school, faith community, workplace, or neighborhood. You can make a big difference in your community in just a few easy steps!

Ask your school, workplace, faith community or neighbors to do a food drive for EFAA!

Food drives are a great way to engage your friends, family, and colleagues in making a difference in your community. Figure out who your “community” is and ask them to do a food drive for EFAA!

Set a date and goal.

Having a deadline and goal to work toward will help keep everyone motivated and on track for your food drive. Make sure to plan ahead to allow plenty of time to promote the food drive and provide status updates along the way. Having a goal, such as a certain number of cans or pounds of food, can inspire your group to go above and beyond!

Distribute flyers with EFAA’s most needed items.

Flyers are a great way to get the word out for your food drive. You can use our template and print out our shopping list to help provide your group with the tools they need to succeed!

Make it fun!

Host a competition, form teams, and make the process fun for everyone. On the last day of the food drive, you can host a party to share the results and announce the winners!

Give back.

Collect the food and deliver it to EFAA’s food pantry. Be sure to deliver during our business hours. If you have a lot of food to deliver, it’s always helpful to give us a call! 

Say thank you.

Thank everyone who participated in the food drive by letting them know how much food they helped donate!