Employee Giving

What is an employee giving campaign and why does it matter?

An opportunity to encourage and inspire employees to rally around a cause by making donations through their workplace

Empowers employees at all levels to become philanthropists through smaller gifts that add up when many individuals participate

Creates a sense of solidarity in the work place, regardless of title or rank

Encourages both team-building and competition in a fun environment

Provides a tangible way for companies and their employees to feel “plugged in” to their community

Making it happen in 7 easy steps

Determine how your company wants to run their campaign:

  • Collect cash, checks, Venmo payments, PayPal, etc.
  • Use a fundraising platform such as Everydayhero – EFAA is already set up as a charity, so all you have to do is create your custom company fundraising page!
  • Set up a campaign page through the ColoradoGives Again, EFAA has its own page here. All you have to do is create an account for your company, search for Emergency Family Assistance Association, and click the “fundraise” button.
  • Set up your own payroll deduction system so employees can set how much they want to donate and it comes straight from their paycheck without thinking about it.

Set a period of time to run your campaign whether it’s a month, three months or year round.

Figure out who will be the point person within your company to monitor the campaign and all logistics.

Determine and share your fundraising goals and how employees can give through the campaign far and wide.

Provide a company match for the final amount raised by employees to exponentially incentivize individuals to give. Let everyone know about the match if you decide to go that route to help spread excitement and leverage donations.

Watch the donations roll in!

Let EFAA know about your employee giving campaign so we can give your company some love through social media.


Helpful tips to make your campaign successful

Click here to download our suggested fundraising tips.

Click here to download a communications toolkit to help promote your event to employees.


Here’s How Your Participation Helps Our Community Thrive

“I can reflect on the first day we moved to this apartment and what brought us here. I did not know what would happen. Now, I have accomplished so much and we have our school and neighborhood communities. My son, too, is more confident. He feels safe and moves through life in a more open space. He is able to expand and learn and grow.” – Mother and son going from homelessness to thriving.