Bringing School Home

The waitlist for Bringing School Home is currently closed.

Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), Boulder Housing Partners and other community partners, such as “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County, are partnering to offer Bringing School Home — an innovative program that brings together quality, affordable housing and educational opportunities for the whole family.

Families who meet eligibility requirements and are committed to participating in educational programming to support their children’s long-term success may apply to Bringing School Home through EFAA. Supportive services start when families move into a Bringing School Home community and continue as children move along their educational path toward high school graduation.

The waitlist for Bringing School Home is currently closed.

If you have questions about the program, contact Erica M. at 720.551.8548 or or Suinya Mindiola at

NEW! To improve your application experience, please review the below list of documents that you may be required to provide when working with the Boulder Housing Partners team. 

  • $19.00 BHP Application fee per adult (Money order). 
  • Proof of Identification: (birth certificates or current drivers license for all family members)
  • Social Security cards for all household members
  • Immigration Documentation: (only if applicable) Ex. Permanent Resident Card
  • Income Verification (6 last paystubs, benefit award letters, etc.).
  • Asset Information: (bank statements, if applicable: Stocks, bonds, and real estate)
  • The court order of the custody of your child (if applicable).
  • Verification of child custody if the child lives with only one parent and the other parent is listed on the birth certificate. Verification could be a court order or notarized letter from the other parent stating you have at least 51% custody.  
  • Verification of Student Status: (only if applicable)