Choose EFAA on Colorado Gives Day

$1 Million Incentive Fund Boosts Your Donation to Empower Families to Thrive

When you pre-schedule your donation here by selecting CO Gives Day, you strengthen our whole community by:

Empowering families with children to avert homelessness through short-term rent assistance when they are faced with eviction and have nowhere else to turn. When families can stay together in a safe environment, rather than falling into a crisis that can causes trauma and long-term consequences, especially for children, families and our community are stronger.

Connecting homeless families and their children to the resources they need to build back up toward self-sufficiency. This includes housing (the most critical element to stabilizing families in crisis), case management to help families budget and create a brighter future, EFAA’s expanded Children’s Program (a trauma-informed program aimed getting kids school- and life-ready), and much more to keep families working.

Feeding hardworking families, seniors and people with disabilities who face impossible choices every day, like paying the rent or buying groceries. A week’s worth of groceries from EFAA means they can eat and put budget dollars toward other critical needs, like rent.

Supporting EFAA’s programs to both meet the temporary, short-term needs of families in crisis, and empower families to work toward improved long-term self sufficiency and wellbeing.

Community First Foundation and FirstBank each contributed $500,000 to create a $1 Million Incentive Fund, one of the largest gives-day incentive funds in the country. Every nonprofit receiving a donation on Colorado Gives Day receives a portion of the fund, which increases the value of every dollar donated. For example, if EFAA receives 10 percent of the total donations made on Colorado Gives Day, EFAA also receives 10 percent of the $1 Million Incentive Fund.

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