One hundred years ago, EFAA started as a grassroots response of neighbors helping neighbors. We invite you to build on that tradition by participating in the EFAA Neighbor Challenge.

You’ve Been Welcomed to the Challenge!

We’ve sent 100 EFAA welcome mats out into Boulder County. Our goal is to inspire 1,000 people to BE A NEIGHBOR by doing something that helps your community. Follow these easy steps, help us spread the word, and feel proud about the good you inspire.

Even if you don’t have an EFAA 100-year welcome mat, you can still be part of the challenge just by being a helpful neighbor and sharing your good deeds on social media (tag EFAA and #EFAANeighborChallenge). Here’s how…

Step 1: ACT

– Do something neighborly to help someone in your community.

– Take photos or video of you and others doing your neighborly deed.

– Proudly display your welcome mat out front of your home or business and welcome your neighbor inside.

Step 2: POST

– Inspire others by posting your story and photos/videos on social media. Be sure to tag EFAA!

– Suggested hashtags: #EFAANeighborChallenge #WelcomeHome #EFAA100

– Facebook: @EFAABoulder, Instagram: @efaa_boulder, Twitter: @efaa_boulder


–  Challenge someone else to be a neighbor by tagging a friend on social media to pay it forward. If you have an EFAA welcome mat, pass that to them, too.

– Let them know the three easy steps: Act, Post, Tag a Friend. Direct them to this page for more instructions.

– To get as many people involved as possible, please pass the mat after 1-2 weeks.

Here are some neighborly ideas:

Shovel your neighbor’s walk when it snows.

Visit with a home-bound senior and bring something to read to them.

Volunteer with a local non-profit that helps your community, like EFAA.

Do a lemonade stand and donate the revenues to EFAA, or start your own fundraiser for EFAA.

Invite a new family in your neighborhood to share a meal with you and get to know them.

We invite you to be creative and come up with your own unique way to be a good neighbor!